During 1991 an Anglo American gold producing concrete shaft in Odendaalsrus Free State was threatened with closure by the Department of Minerals and Energy.
Concrete failure caused by excessive water ingress was evident at the areas where shaft steelwork was fixed to the concrete. Lives were at risk. After many unsuccessful efforts by mine personnel to repair and contain damage PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY cc was approached for advice. Within a short time a product was formulated and subjected to underground testing.
Results were successful and repairs to the damaged concrete areas commenced. The product was branded PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY.
Subsequent refinement and adjustments to the formulation followed. Due to a strong R&D footprint we are able to produce a range of products that are unique to the South African market.
Great emphasis is placed on quality and we are proud about the awareness and added value that our products enjoy. All the products produced contain PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY which is unique in every sense and have no similarity in the market. The factory was originally established in Welkom FS where the mining sector contributed largely to volume sales. Due to the decline in FS mining activities the factory was relocated to Vereeniging and the products were branded for the Trade and Retail sector. This effort was extremely successful.
This venture resulted in sales volume increase of approximately 38%. A major feature of the company lies in the ability to formulate and produce a product in accordance with particular customer requirement and demand. Age and youth is blended in the organisation to create enthusiasm and dynamics.